Wednesday, March 5, 2008

An Open Letter to Barack Obama: There Will Be Blood

Once again, my friend, you have taken your foot off the pedal and let your guard down and failed to close the show. While the losses in Ohio and Texas were not that surprising considering the demographics: Just enough racist Hispanics in Texas(she won 2/3 and nearly 90% in some counties despite the fact that she is not Hispanic, which is hard to fathom) and poor, uneducated white racist women(Billary's solid base) in Ohio, bolstered by Drug Limbaugh's listeners, who provided Clinton 8% of her vote in Texas alone, the fact remains that you had a chance to end this thing and you failed miserably. Why? Because you played your smug, overconfident nice guy role that has no place in a presidential election. Many of us watched in disbelief as you played defense for the last seven days, laying on the ropes being pummeled by the most flawed candidate in recent U.S. history.

The Republicans are desperate to run against Billary because, unlike you, they will tear her and Bill apart, pulling every skeleton out of their very full closet, as they should. The big winner last night was John McCain. He can sit back now and watch you waste your $50 million you raised in February to fend off the ridiculous attacks that you left unanswered last week. The Republicans are now openly encouraging voters to vote for Billary, so now you have to defeat them also. The reality is that McCain, really a joke of a candidate, is now the clear frontrunner and prohibitive favorite to be the next president. It's becoming less likely that whoever survives your bloodbath with Billary will have enough energy, support, and money left to defeat McCain.

Once again, the Democrats are looking like the dysfunctional national party that they are, and it's up to you to either change that now and win big and end this nomination or become the poster boy for wimpy Democrats if you can't beat down a woman who has done absolutely nothing in her life to justify her campaign's message that she is somehow the "experienced" candidate. 35 years of experience? She is 60, so she is counting every year since she graduated from college at age 25! The first woman I have ever heard of who took 60 years to "find her voice" as she said in New Hampshire when she made that claim. How do feminists spin that one? The woman had no real experience until she was elected to public office, which was in this decade, years after you had been elected in Illinois. What a joke, but what have you done to contest that? Nothing. This experience argument is a loser, for I would rather have McCain answer the 3AM phone call in the White House than Hillary. Let's face it, the only call she is likely to be answering at 3AM is from one of Bill's "girls" looking for him. Cheney is the experienced candidate, not someone whose husband was receiving oral sex in the White House from a woman his daughter's age. This woman who couldn't keep tabs on her president husband has convinced people that she 's more experienced to run the country? That's laughable, but it's what you let happen. Many of your supporters, myself included, would not vote for Hillary under any circumstances. We would rather see you lose than share a ticket with her and would rather see McCain as president than Hillary if it means being rid of Billary once and for all.

You seem to be losing sight of the real challenges you face as a black man running for president in a racist country. Hillary is rightly one of the most despised women in the country. Except a bunch of little old ladies and feminist hypocrites no one likes her much, and for good reasons. Have feminists sunk so low that they embrace a woman who couldn't win a school board election if her name was not Clinton? Everything she has done has been based on her man's accomplishments. Period. How sad. Many people speak of the fact that you get 80-90% of the black vote. Some of that, obviously, is race-based. There are certainly black people who are voting for you because you are black. However, black people are not delivering your victories in Utah, Washington, Kansas, Iowa, Maine, Vermont etc. I understand the fact that black voters share your values. Remember, blacks voted for Kerry by nearly 90%, so one cannot claim that it's all racism that blacks vote for a black Democratic candidate who reflects their values by the same margins that they voted for Kerry and Gore. Here is the problem you face: Exit polls in Ohio showed that 20% of voters said race was a factor in their vote and 80% of them voted for Clinton, not you! You lost Ohio because of a large group--20%--of poor, uneducated, racist whites, and that is a bad sign for your chances in Pennsylvania, which has famously been described as Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, with Alabama in the middle.

Listen closely, for those of us who have supported your campaign with our time, energy, and most importantly, our money, expect you to wake up and realize the fight you're in and respond accordingly. I am starting to wonder if you really do have the stomach to meet with these world leaders you want to sit down with, for the Clintons are very bad people, just like the "petty dictators" you have spoken of, yet you have allowed these "people," as Daniel Plainview would say, define you. Obviously, you still have plenty of time to win the nomination, and your position is much stronger than Billary because of your commanding delegate and state lead. You have a delegate lead of around 140, as you have won 26 of 40 states, many by huge margins of over 20%(thus your large delegate lead). There are 611 pledged delegates left. Clinton needs to win 60% of the remaining delegates to catch you: She has only won ONE state with 60% of the vote(her home state of Arkansas), so that is nearly impossible. Moreover, you have won many states with over 60%, and have many easy wins if you campaign hard and get tough: Wyoming, Mississippi, North Carolina, Montana, South Dakota, and Oregon are all states that you should win easily, which leaves Pennsylvania, West Virgina, Indiana and Kentucky--all are states you can compete in if not win outright, so if you work hard and follow my advice this race is essentially over, for there is no way Clinton wins 380 out of those 611 delegates in those states. Despite her relentless spin and desire to overthrow the will of the voters, the fact remains that your lead is substantial, and whoever ends in June with the most delegates is in fact the rightful nominee; that's how the process works, and you did not create the process. You played by the rules and have won fair and square, but you are playing against someone who will cheat to win, someone who will rig elections, suppress votes, bribe officials--that's what you are up against, so play the game accordingly.

Here is your new plan:
1. Wake up and start running negative ads everyday. Change your attitude and start fighting.
You need to fight back and show some toughness. It's about perception, which is everything in politics. People want a president who is a fighter. It makes them feel safer. If you understood this, you would have won Texas instead of ignoring the 3AM phone ad.
2. Call out Billary on his library foundation and their tax returns. You have income of 1.3 million and they have 35 million. Let's see where that money came from. There's a reason why she keeps delaying the release of their tax returns. Talk about that everyday and demand that the media follow up. Scrutinize every financial detail. Follow the money; it always leads to corruption.
3. Examine her experience by asking for the release of the White House tapes. What role did she really have? What role did she have in all the BAD things Clinton did? Run ads showing Somalia and Kosovo and the other flawed policies to question her judgment since she said she was a part of everything in the White House. Where was she during the impeachment of her husband?
4. Health Care: The only overt issue she dealt with in her First Lady years was the failed health care reform. Remind people in ads that her only real experience was a complete failure beacuse of her secretive, arrogant approach.
5. Norman Hsu raised nearly a million dollars for her campaign and he is currently in prison on fraud charges, yet you have allowed yourself to be on the defensive over this Rezko nonsense. Turn it around.
6. Trust: The Clintons are the most distrusted politicians in recent political history.Expose them for the liars they are. Look at what they are trying to do in this election, stealing delegates, cheating by changing the rules in Michigan and Florida etc. Don't let her play the victim and the bully. There' s a reason why nearly 50% of Americans do not trust her. She's a bad person with no principles. You obviously know that, as she was willing to throw you under the bus before the vote yesterday by saying you're not qualified to be president. Now you need to state the obvious: A Clinton nomination will be a sure failure because her vote total ceiling will not enable her to win in the Electoral College.
7. Make her answer to those White House years she proudly claims as "experience": Destroying evidence in the death of Vince Foster, Whitewater, Travelgate, the great Monica blue dress details. This is the reality of the Clinton administration. Do you really think the Republicans will not bring this stuff up? That's why they want her to win. She's a huge target with a 35 year record of corruption, not political accomplishments. She has thrown every possible accusation at you, without any regard for the consequences in the general election. She has, in effect, destroyed the Democratic chances in November by supplying McCain with more than enough ammunition to attack you, using Clinton's words that all you have is a 2002 speech, not years of experience. This person is so self-absorbed she will stop at nothing to win and she has no concern for whether you can win in the general election, so you have no obligation to her. It's time for scorched earth politics: Make it clear that if she cheats you out of the nomination she will lose all of your voters' support and the result will be a McCain landslide. There is no difference between McCain and Clinton, and that's the message you need to push everyday. She has tried to blame the media, cry, cheat, yell, and play the race card in every state, so what exactly is holding you back from destroying her with some real, honest ads that show who she really is? It's really that simple: Start playing rough and end this thing or simply drop out now, before it goes to the convention in Denver and Mr Nice Guy gets mugged in a back room by Billary and has the nomination stolen from you, for as I clearly detailed they can't win this thing above board in terms of the delegate count, so they have to cheat. And they will. There will be blood: Are you Daniel or Eli? Do you have the toughness to drink her milkshake by winning Pennsylvania? Will you let Billary crush your skull with a wooden bowling pin? Are you a future president or "just a bastard from a basket"?
"I'm finished"

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